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If you’re looking for a cannabis joint experience that brings together the best of everything, then try Thicc Pineapple Phattys Preroll Joints.

Each preroll contains an impressive 2G of top-quality weed cultivated from the best local cultivators, so you know you’re getting the highest quality stuff.

The effects are perfectly balanced to tantalize your senses and deliver an amazing time whether you’re planning to light up in the morning or the evening.

Plus, they come in various strains just waiting to be enjoyed.

-Dual Distillate Infused

-Rolled in Golden Kief

-Made From Scratch

Get ready to soar with Thicc Phattys Preroll Joints.

Thicc Phatty's Kief Prerolls Pineapple Joint 2g (Hybrid Sative Dominant)

  • All Slimes come in screw top jars, contain fluffy slime, super soft and airy

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