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Our HÉRO Blend consists of a proprietary combination of our unique varietals cultivation. The balanced ratio and superior quality is derived from full fruiting bodies only; not from concentrate or extract. This assures the function of broad-spectrum benefits, creating a signature HERO elevated experience.
- Artisan, single-origin chocolate:
Peruvian 66% cacao; records one of the highest ORAC antioxidant levels
- Organic, vegan, dairy free, non gmo, fair trade certified
- Full bar contains 5g &
- Dash of cayenne added to increase bioavailability and rapid delivery
- 10 individual squares contains 0.5g (500mg) in each square
- For microdosing break square in half for 250mg or cut in 1/4ths for a 125mg micro
- If you choose to start with 1 square allow up to 30 - 45 minutes for initial onset before increasing dosage
- Stronger on an empty stomach or a few hours after eating
- Store in a cool, dry place

HERO ARTISAN LUXURY Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar 5G - COCONUT No Dairy

  • All Slimes come in screw top jars, contain fluffy slime, super soft and airy

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